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1. We just wanted to thank you for sending the Water Weedsickle so quickly. We have used it twice and it does everything you said it would and more. We think that it is absolutely marvellous, absolutely great! We have no problem doing the job and controlling our weeds. Thank you so much for designing and building such a wonderful product. KC

2. I recently purchased your Water Weedsickle and I am thoroughly impressed with the unit. It has quickly proven to be an awesome piece of gear which you should be very proud of. It’s perfectly engineered design and construction leaves me with a sense of confidence that it will provide me with many years of trouble-free service. I paid a small fortune for my “weedfront”, with the use of your Weedsickle, it has transformed into beautiful “waterfront” property adding value and functionality along the way. Thanks for saving my waterfront. MW

3. After trying many methods to deal with the heavy weed bed in front of our property, I purchased the Water Weedsickle. After the first season the weeds are already under control. The waterfront is much more enjoyable for swimming and boating not to mention the improved appearance of our shoreline. I am confident in coming years the weed bed will decline with further use to where it will be very manageable. I was so impressed with my Water Weedsickle that I bought the company! BD

4. Just a short note, the cutter is the best thing anyone has seen here on Long Point as the saying goes, since sliced bread. My immediate neighbours wanted to buy shares in my machine (I don’t think so). Others who have passed by wanted your name and number and I gladly gave it. Thanks again. RRM

5. Our group of cottagers got together and purchased a Water Weedsickle. We cut all of the water weeds in front of our cottages, and we even cut some of our neighbour’s weeds. One thing is for sure, The Water Weedsickle is a fantastic cutting machine. TL

6. We live on an inlet that surrounds our home. We have been greatly inconvenienced by the large number of lily pads. They were so thick you could not see the water by the end of August. We purchased a Water Weedsickle and we cut all of our lily pads. Next season we will be cutting them before they go to seed and this will reduce their number further. The Water Weedsickle is the real deal! PR