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Water Weedrake

After cutting with The Water Weedsickle it is important to remove cut weeds from the water. Left in the water, cut weeds will decay on the bottom creating muck and have the ability to reseed, often in other areas where they may drift. Cut weeds also may end up on a neighbours' property resulting in unpleasant relations. The Water Weedrake easily attaches to your boat with its own Mounting Bracket and pushes cut weeds to shore for easy collection.

Weedrake Features

Grip Handle makes it easy to adjust the Water Weedrake

Multi position Mounting Bracket is the same as on the Water Weedsickle-LT. The Water Weedrake may be rotated, raised and lowered or tilted up as desired.

Zinc/Nickel plated steel tines are shaped for increased strength and to help prevent cut weeds from sliding under the rake. The tines are arranged in a "V" shape to contain cut material.

Mounting Options

The Water Weedrake has two mounting positions for the Rake Sections to allow for either a vertical or horizontal set up.

Vertical Set Up - The vertical set up positions the Weedrake close to the boat for operation in deeper water.

Horizontal Set Up - The horizontal set up extends the Weedrake away from the boat to allow cut material to be pushed close to shore in shallower water.

- The Water Weedrake works much like a snowplow.Simply move the boat to collect a load of weeds, proceed to shore and reverse away to clear the Weedrake.

- Easily attaches to the bow area of your boat or the transom in you prefer to work in reverse.

- By Operating the boat in a forward / reverse manner over a large area, it is possible to 'corral' a large mass of weeds and slowly work it towards shore for collection.