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Benefits of Cutting Water Weeds

Controlling weed growth allows you to enjoy your waterfront for boating, swimming and other recreational activities.

Excessive weed growth effects the aesthetics and market value of your property.

Many waterways have become unnaturally overgrown with weeds due to factors such as agricultural runoff and other human induced nutrients. In addition, invasive species such as zebra mussels clarify the water which raises the level of weed growth due to increased photosynthesize.

As weeds die and decompose oxygen depletion occurs which is detrimental to fish populations.

Heavy weed beds create still water conditions ideal for breeding mosquitoes.

Cutting weeds on a regular basis (usually 3 times per season) with the Water Weedsickle prevents weeds from reaching the surface and going to seed. This means a reduced number of weed seeds reach the bottom resulting in less weed growth the following year.

Cutting weeds on a regular basis with the Water Weedsickle is simply growth management, enhancing water quality and maintaining a healthy environment for fish.